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This web site was created for two main reasons:

(a) as an information resource centre regarding the husbandry and welfare of marine animals particularly those maintained in zoological collections, aquaria, dolphinaria and rescue and rehabilitation centres;

(b) to provide an informed alternative to negative and misleading information regarding marine animals (particularly aquatic mammals) in captive care that can sometimes be propagated by a number of "animal advocate" organisations and NGOs.

NB: The author of this sites would like to make it clear that whilst striving to promote what may be considered "best practice" in the care and husbandry of marine animals in captive care this should not be construed as giving unconditional support for any or all facilities that display marine animals internationally.

Blog listings in descending date of publication.

NB. Some blogs have been updated since original publication and this is noted at the top of the page.


Killer whales, car parks and The Whale Sanctuary.


No, the killer whale did not say "set me free"

Did Vancouver Aquarium capitulate to the animal rights industry?


Morgan the killer whale has become pregnant - would her calf be a hybrid? 

A killer whale of a tale: when peer review sometimes fail.


Morgan just wants to have fun!

The Humane Society of the United States: Betrayal of the Zoological Community?


Captain Paul Watson's Moral Compass Loses Its Way

Killer Whales, SeaWorld and Media Credibility

Killer whales, Politics and Animal-Rights.

Cousteau's dolphin captures and experiments

Morgan - The Rescued Female Killer Whale

John Michel Cousteau Wants To Save SeaWorld. Really?

Dolphinaria-Free Europe Coalition: It's a No From Me

Jane Goodall: GMO & Echolocating Dolphins

Welfare of sea lions in travelling circuses

PETA & Chips or Should Aquariums Serve Their Exhibits Cousins As Food?


National Aquarium in Baltimore: Who's Pulling The Flippers? 

Not Dying To Entertain...

What's Wrong With Blackfish?

Not So Scientific American

Animal-Rights Group Attack Richard Branson's Virgin Travel

Sea Pens: Not the Panacea They Are Perceived.


Zoological Collections and Animal-Rights.  They do not make good bedfellows.

Blackfish: Please Release Me Let Me Go

Blackfish and the Black Arts of Propaganda

Cove Cultists?

Blackfish and the Selective Skeptic

Lies, Damned Lies and Propaganda

Morgan: No Damsel In Distress

Tragic death of whale exploited by animal-rights activists.


Morgan Is Not The Only One Having Problems Hearing!

A View To A Kill

PETA Picking On Penguins

WDCS: Raking out the truth?

Dolphinaria dilemma - Hard fact or hype?

Drive Hunts and Animals Acquired for Dolphinaria.

Dying to entertain? Do dolphins die young in captivity?

Morgan - A suitable candidate for rehabilitation and release?

Do dolphin commit suicide in captivity?

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