Releasing Cetaceans Back to the Wild

MORGAN - The Rescued Female Killer Whale: Animal-rights actvists try but fail to block the export of Morgan the rescued killer whale to a zoo in Spain in a effort to obtain the animal for an experimential released to the wild.

FREE WILLY!  FREE KEIKO? A review of the project until Kieko's death in 2003.

INTO THE BLUE: What ever became of Missie, Silver and Rocky? The animal-rights led Into The Blue project released three non-native bottlenose dolphins into the Caribbean in 1991. The fate of these animals remains unknown.

RETURN TO THE WILD by Dr Randy Brill co-author of the US navy report: Brill, R.L. and Friedl, W.A. (1993) Technical Report 1549: Reintroduction to the Wild as an Option for Managing Navy Marine Mammals, San Diego: Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Centre/RDTandE Division.

THE SUGARLOAF DOLPHIN RELEASES: Ric O'Barry and other AR activists are fined for illegally releasing dolphins back to the wild. Full story, background and links.

EXPERIMENTAL RETURN TO THE WILD OF TWO BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS. Randall S. Wells, Kim Bassos-Hull and Kenneth S. Norris. Marine Mammal Science. Volume 14, Issue 1, pages 51–71, January 1998

REINTRODUCING CAPTIVE DOLPHINS INTO THE WILD. (1994) International Zoo News, Volume 41/3, Number 252.

THE REHABILITATION AND RELEASE OF BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS FROM ATLANTIS MARINE PARK: Gales, N., and Waples, K. : (1993) Western Australia. Aquatic Mammals Vol. 19, No. 2