Marine Mammal Welfare Regulations


Developing Standards of Care for Marine Mammals in Captivity. Ontario, Canada
Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines on: the care and use of marine mammals

US Specifications for the Humane Handling Care Treatment, and Transportation of Marine Mammals: The US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has jurisdiction over the welfare of marine animals in US aquaria.

Public Display of Marine Mammals in the USA. Rules and Regulations

European Association for Aquatic Mammals (E.A.A.M.) Standards for Establishments Housing Bottlenose Dolphins. September 2009.
THE UK ZOO LICENSING ACT. This govens the care of zoo animals including marine animals in aquaria. Secretary of State's Standards of Modern Zoo Practice describes the current basic requirements that are needed to confirm with the Act.

A REVIEW OF DOLPHINARIA: In 1985 after concerns raised about the care of cetaceans in the UK by various animal and environmental groups the then Department of the Environment, now part of DEFRA, commissioned biologists Dr Margaret Klinowska and Dr Susan Brown to research and review the keeping of these animals in UK zoos and aquaria. Klinowska and Brown's report 'A Review Of Dolphinaria' was published in 1986 with various recommendations to be implemented by those holding captive cetaceans by no later than 1993; the resulting 1988 report from the Steering Group that codifed these finding can be found HERE. The authors of A Review of Dolphinaria did have the authority to recommend that cetaceans should not be held in captive care if their research supported such a position. However it did not and they maintained that these animals could be successfully kept in animal collections provided they were given the right conditions.